New Ocean-themed design work from Tom Buhrman!

This was my TENTACULAR Christmas gift from my dear partner, Ben Algaetarian Turney. He gets me. He commissioned artist Tom Buhrman ( to craft this unbelievable Octopurse created from repurposed bicycle tires. I can also turn the Octopurse upside down and wear it on my head so that I look like an OctoPope (Tom’s term). What a great conversation starter and entry point for sharing a little octopus education too. First: “tentacular” is not an appropriate term since octopuses have only arms vs. tentacles. Squid have both tentacles and arms. Tentacles are only used for finding food; arms are used for multiple purposes. However, I really like using the term “tentacular.” If the house is ablaze, this Octopurse/OctoPope hat is what I’m tossing out the window toward safety.

And to learn more about fascinating cephalopods, read:

Octopurse by artist, Tom Buhrman, 2017.

Octopurse by artist, Tom Buhrman, 2017.



Good News Conglomeration of Grand Proportions

I could never have assembled a good news overload worthy of this sunny conglomeration from Grist. What? Tiny tots convinced Dunkin’ Donuts to swear off styrofoam? Has the world gone . . . SANE? Finally.

And to keep the world even saner, here are several excellent “smarter living” guides from NRDC:

How to Choose Your Seafood

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Grill with Propane, Not Charcoal

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