MESO-PLO-[DINE] 2017: An Evening of Arts & Science to Protect NC Whales & Dolphins

“No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green.”
Sylvia Earle

The Scrap Exchange Creative Reuse Art Center 
Sunday, November 19, 5:30 PM- 10:00 PM
2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707
Driving directions here.

Definition of Mesoplodon: “a taxanomic genus of offshore, deep-diving beaked whales.”
(hence the title Meso-plo-[dine]; we’re trying to be punny)

This is a free event, but please consider donating whatever amount you can to the Cape Lookout Studies Program. Suggested $15 minimum per individual or $20 minimum per family. 

At Meso-plo-[dine] 2017, learn about the mysterious lives of whales, dolphins, and the people who study them. Marine Biologists Keith Rittmaster and Josh Summers talk sea trash and tell us about the wild & crazy things that they do and see on a daily basis. You’ll build new neural pathways as you learn cool stuff like most beaked whales are genus Mesoplodon; plus, scientists have documented at least 34 species of dolphin and whales residing off of NC alone.

All cetaceans are critical to maintaining a balanced ocean ecosystem, the health of which is responsible for a minimum of 50% of the oxygen we breathe. As Duke graduate and pioneering marine biologist, Sylvia Earle says, No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green.”

With a special appearance by the only rearticulated Gervais’ Beaked Whale on the planet! You’ll also learn how to identify NC resident dolphins by examining their dorsal fins.

Fire Pit & Sustainably Certified Food Truck Favorite, Chirba Chirba! Brush elbows with the biologists after their presentation. Enjoy responsibly sourced themed seafood and dumplings, BEER, desserts and toasty beverages by TENCO Coffee, and a cozy fire. You’ll end the night full of great eats and great spirits. Bring your own reusable utensils and refillable drink container. Also, dress warmly and layer up for the fire pit fun. Thanks to Fishtowne Seafood of Beaufort for supplying warm water squid for the occasion. Also, S’MORESNote: the S’mores and frosty beverage are on us, but the food truck fare is sold separately. 

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the famed Scrap Exchange and see plans for their upcoming REUSE District. The tour is followed by a shopping spree in the Scrap Exchange. You can also visit the Scrap Exchange’s Make and Take and trick out reclaimed PVC pipe that Keith and Josh install as monofilament recycling bins on piers and charter fishing boats.What fisherman can resist responsibly disposing of fishing line and nets in one of your whimsical and brilliant creations?

Bull City Mad Scientist & Artist, Tom Buhrman introduces us to his latest creation, Rubber Creatures from Outer Space in order to demonstrate how we are all connected. Plus his upcycled bicycle tire attire keeps rubber creatures on the fashion runway and away from marine mammals.

Also, did I mention puzzles and PRIZES yet? 

Keith Rittmaster and Josh Summers are two of the world’s most dedicated and sparkly whale and dolphin researchers. Born to be wild, Keith rides around Beaufort, NC on a motorbike bedecked by a decorative dolphin fin crafted from a surfboard skeg. He’s usually heading to work at his Cape Lookout Studies Program lab in the woods. Guitar solos flow from the stereo as he and biologist-super volunteer, Josh Summers ingeniously MacGuyver mechanisms for safely cataloging and storing giant whale bones and skeletons. Congratulations to Josh and Keith who won 2017 Peer Recognition Awards from the Smithsonian Institute!

Help Keith, Josh, and their colleagues learn more, teach us more, and conserve more by donating here or perhaps by asking friends to donate in lieu of holiday gifts. Might I also suggest Gift Certificates to the Scrap Exchange, an agency that definitely promotes the concept of giving more than receiving? 

Space is limited. Please RSVP to Thank you! 

Bonehenge Whale & Dolphin Center Coming Soon to Beaufort!

Thanks to our generous hosts, the Scrap Exchange.

Thank you to Chirba Chirba for sponsoring Meso-plo-[dine] 2017! Delicious.

Thank you TENCO Coffee for sponsoring Meso-plo-[dine] 2017.

Support NC Seafood that supports Cetaceans!

Lee Moore Crawford’s Hana Lee Birds and Bees is a floral design studio and Durham eco-power business.

Frosty beverage!!!


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